Sub Publishing


Registered as a Publishing Company since 2012 , we’ve embraced every steps, responsibilities, tasks and assignments it takes to a Sub Publisher’s Job. Making your Songwriters and Rightholders creations rewarding, in complete transparency.

Originated from the Electronic Music world we quickly became highly involved in Collection Societies at a political level, we’ve helped pushing boundaries in France to method regulations around new music usages.

Recently rewarded by SACEM under the “French VIP 2019” prize and sitting a chair in the CSDEM committee are the common ground of what we call a mutually beneficial relationship, put to use for your Songwriters and your repertoire.

sub publishing
sub publishing
sub publishing

Unclaimed rights

Royalties originates from so many sources (Airplay, DSP’s, Instore, Club..) it’s a known fact that 10 to 20% of your creation’s revenue is likely to end unclaimed.

Any Collection Society will confirm the struggle it is to match the colossal amount of data processed, especially if the source contains missing or incorrect data.

Our team masters the time consuming task of unclaimed royalties recovery, manually if necessary.


Increase your current copyright royalties in France
Spotlight your data with our royalty statement analysis
Gain valuable time as we Administer and Register your work


Are your songwriters live performers ?
We can link that. Gigs are an amazing source of additional copyright revenues for your songwriters. Whether it’s a Live Performance or DJ Set we have the ability to track down every pending revenue following the venue on France territory.

Gain valuable copyright revenue from live performances & Dj Sets.
Rely on 8 years of expertise and collaboration with SACEM, on National and Local level.
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