Who We Are ?

Kaa Production stands for expertise in all Technical, Financial, A&R solutions that are bound to music.

As we’re constantly on the lookout for new technologies and partners, we’re keen to adopt disruptive business models and on a mission to offer the most relevant and exciting solutions to our clients, partners and audience.

Working with Songwriters and Rightholders of all genres, we’re walking you through every steps it take to make your creations rewarding, in complete transparency.

Registered as a Publishing Company since 2012 , we’ve embraced every steps, responsibilities, tasks and assignments it takes to a Sub Publisher’s Job.

More than every other area of the Music Industry, production does not make a single day like another. It’s following this phrase that we’re keeping up with the fast pace at wich our job is changing. Learning, creating and building new strategies for our allies and ourselves.

We’re offering a wide range of services to help you to be as creative and productive as possible while in our complete and coherent facilities.


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